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Disinfection robot with robust wireless access.

STERISAFE-Pro is a disinfection robot from the Danish company INFUSER. It disinfects surfaces in any given room – for example patient rooms, operating theatres or hotel rooms – removing up to 99,9999% of pathogens. The robot fills the designated room with an Ozone-based biocide agent which kills unwanted bacteria, viruses and fungi, while purifying the [...]

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Communication analysis: Industrial Ethernet & Wireless v Fieldbus.

Industrial Ethernet and Wireless growth is accelerated by the increasing need for industrial devices to get connected and the Industrial Internet of Things. This is the main finding of HMS Industrial Networks’ annual study of the industrial network market. Industrial Ethernet now accounts for 46% of the market (38 last year). Wireless technologies are also [...]

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New Nanoscale Wireless Communication System Increases Information Transmission Speed

The need to develop components with increased efficiency and speed, at scales that are small enough to function on a computer chip, is becoming important in the quest for next-generation... AZoNano.com - Nanotechnology News Feed

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Wireless I/O vs. Wireless Distributed I/O.

We all know that one of the biggest challenges to connecting legacy or remote equipment to the network is the cost of running wires. If you have an indoor application, you have to run conduit and wires to the devices you want to monitor or measure. In most cases it is just too painful and [...]

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The road to Wireless – which wireless standard suits you best?

WiFi, Bluetooth or Zigbee? Tom McKinney of HMS Industrial Networks offers a review of the available short range wireless standards for industrial applications. Tom McKinney, Business Development Manager at HMS Industrial Networks Recently the buzz around Industrial IoT has grown to a deafening roar. The market for IIoT devices is projected to grow exponentially over [...]

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NSF funds UNL research to improve wireless networks for emergencies

With 9/11 memorials and recent natural disasters fresh in Americans' minds and hearts, Yi Qian leads UNL Computer and Electronics Engineering colleagues at The Peter Kiewit Institute in research to enhance wireless networks for emergency response when communications are jammed or incapacitated. Nebraska Engineering News

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Effect of wireless networking standards and MIMO technology on RF tests

Modular instrumentation set to displace traditional counterparts in a growing number of applications The deployment of progressively more complex telecommunication techniques, including 802.11ac, together with the adoption of advanced multiple-input, multiple-output (MIMO) technologies will fuel the global radio frequency (RF) testing market. New analysis from Frost & Sullivan , Global RF Testing Market: Increasing Complexity [...]

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Wireless moves! More on ISA100 from Nick Denbow

“Honeywell ‘moves on’ with ISA100 specified!” says Nick Denbow in this item from the April issue of  Industrial Automation and Process Control Insider (The INSIDER is delivered by email as a typically 12 page, 8000 word monthly newsletter in a pdf format and now in mobile tablet or cellphone format. Subscriptions may arranged. The newsletter is read by [...]

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Wireless standards entice and detract!

Industrial specifications the two drive and inhibit wireless prospective in process manufacturing The prospect of including wireless gadgets to the process automation architecture is a compelling one particular from the perspective of tangible enterprise advantages and incremental operational improvements.  Availability of robust industrial wireless network protocols, this kind of as WirelessHART and ISA100.11a, for use [...]

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Expanding range of wireless devices based mostly on ISA100.11a

Yokogawa expands its range of ISA100.11a compliant wireless gadgets – For field wireless techniques based on the “Grow” idea - Yokogawa  has formulated three new area wireless technique devices and has enhanced existing wireless strain and temperature transmitters, all of which are compliant with the ISA100.11a wireless common. The first of these products are scheduled [...]

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