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Changing bad gear oil habits.

Here, Mark Burnett, VP of the Lubricants and Fuel Additives Innovation Platform at the water, energy and maintenance solutions provider NCH Europe, explores how businesses can improve the effectiveness of their gear oil. Benjamin Franklin once said, “it is easier to prevent bad habits than to break them.” This rings true for the industrial sector, where [...]

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How cloud computing is changing industrial automation.

Jonathan Wilkins, marketing director of industrial automation supplier European Automation examines how cloud computing is disrupting industrial automation.  Traditionally, the manufacturing industry has been slow to embrace new technological platforms, but in recent years the introduction and success of cloud computing has meant this technology is becoming vital for manufacturers.  Adopting the cloud! One of [...]

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Changing industry standards for OEMs Enginers & contractors: one year on!

In 1998, Google was founded, the first Apple iMac was introduced and the legendary Windows ’98 was released by Microsoft. In a less glamorous but equally important corner of industry, a new commission was being formed to revise the complex IEC 60439 industry standard, which governed the safety and performance of electrical switchgear assemblies. Although [...]

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