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Online Voltage Regulation (OLIVER)

OLIVER ensures a revolutionary new protection against instable mains supply: The voltage optimization operates as an online system. It corrects voltage deviations in real time (

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Food & Pharmaceutical Futures.

ISA’s first international symposium outside of North America is adjudged a success. From the time it was firsted mooted for Ireland in 2015 the planning for the 3rd ISA Food & Pharmaceutical Symposium was embraced with enthusiasm by the local Ireland Section. This was in Philadelphia early in 2015  and since then the ISA’s Food [...]

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Automation industry veterans are IoT pioneers and didn’t know it!

Keith Blodorn, Director of Program Management at ProSoft Technology advises what to consider when starting your industrial internet of things journey Do you consider yourself an Internet of Things Engineer? You should! Think about what the Internet of Things really means. According to Wikipedia, the Internet of Things “is the network of physical objects or ‘things’ embedded with [...]

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DFC-820SP System including PTWS 820D Dissolution Bath Semi-Automated Tablet Dissolution Testing

The semi-automated DFC-820SP system is composed of a PTWS 820D staggered stirrer start dissolution bath with built-in individual vessel centering, full tubing installation in PTFE including, the EPE-820 auto sampling system, a PT-SP8 syringe pump, and a PTFC-2/8 fraction collector. Operation Principle As soon as the samples have been inserted, the system will start its [...]

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Beyond smoke and mirrors!

Three things you didn’t know about IIoT examined by Martyn Williams, Managing Director of COPA-DATA UK. The human brain is a wonderful thing that works tirelessly from the day we are born until the day we die, only stopping on special occasions, like when presenting in front of large audiences. We’ve been studying the brain for [...]

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Mobile low pressure blaster DECAP 60

With its SEDA® abrasive feed, the DECAP 60 low-pressure blaster offers exceptional perfomance and ease-of-use, while consuming very little abrasive. Its sturdy, reliable design will surprise you by tackling any job in any situation. The DECAP 60 blaster will strip surfaces as diverse as wood, metal, stone, cement, marble, bronze, PVC and other plastics. Thanks [...]

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Connection allows expansion modules be added in seconds.

Peak Production Equipment manufactures a comprehensive range of test equipment, from simple test boxes used by subcontract manufacturers to stand-alone high specification test racks and systems used in the aerospace and other industries. Harting’s har-flex® PCB connector system is a key component in a new versatile interface developed by Peak. A key element of the company’s [...]

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How cloud computing is changing industrial automation.

Jonathan Wilkins, marketing director of industrial automation supplier European Automation examines how cloud computing is disrupting industrial automation.  Traditionally, the manufacturing industry has been slow to embrace new technological platforms, but in recent years the introduction and success of cloud computing has meant this technology is becoming vital for manufacturers.  Adopting the cloud! One of [...]

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New Euromecc FAST1330 “PISA”

FAST1330 “PISA” is a last generation mobile concrete batching plant, able to produce 60 m3/h, designed by EUROMECC SRL with the aim of being installed directly at the building site, quickly and with low costs, guaranteeing high quality concrete production in compliance with environment and work safety. The plant is equipped with an EUROMECC MEB [...]

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