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Metal Organic Frameworks Proving to be Incredibly Flexible and Dynamic

Metal organic frameworks (MOFs) are proving to be incredibly flexible with a myriad of potential applications including as antimicrobial agents, hydrogen-storage materials and solar-cell components.... - Nanotechnology News Feed

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New GetStarted Feature on Asylum Research AFMs Calculates Optimum Parameters for Easier, More Productive Imaging

Researchers sometimes struggle to get good images using atomic force microscopy (AFM) because of the complexity of optimizing imaging parameters. The new GetStarted™ feature on Oxford... - Nanotechnology News Feed

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Femtosecond X-Ray Laser Helps Create 3D Image of Arrestin-Rhodopsin Complex at the Atomic Level

University of Wisconsin-Madison engineers have developed a new approach to structuring the catalysts used in essential reactions in the chemical and energy fields. The advance offers a pathway for... - Nanotechnology News Feed

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Announcements Archive 2014

This page displays 2014 announcements and updates for the Lurie Nanofabrication Facility. Announcements for December 2014¶ User Communications Meeting LNF Managing Director Update User Fee Update Safety Training Refresher to Maintain Active LNF Access Wet Bench Usage and Fees Base cabinet will be locked New Technology Workshops CAD Room Computers Personal Files On Desktops L-Edit [...]

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Base Bench 63

&laquo Back to Equipment page &laquo Back to Chemical Benches page Table of Contents [Hide/Show] DescriptionProcedureApproved ProcessesAdditional InformationStorageDisposalTool Location Description¶ This bench contains MF 319, and a beaker of CD-30. It is located in room 1440B of the Lurie Nanofabrication Facility. This bench is for "dirty" processing. Procedure¶ Approved Processes¶ MF-319 Developer Process SHIPLEY 1813 [...]

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VOC monitoring keep things on track!

Award-winning geotechnical company, BAMRitchies Limited, is using an Ion Science handheld Tiger photoionisation detector (PID) for nightly monitoring of volatile organic compound (VOCs) concentrations during on-site headspace testing of contaminated soil samples on railway contracts. Supplied through Ion Science’s British distributor, Shawcity, as a replacement for one of the company’s older models, BAMRitchies chose the well-proven Tiger [...]

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TBB renewable energy system(New World Partnership)

TBB Power is a professional independent power solution provider being able to offer complete solar offgrid and hybrid solution for residential and small commercial project. With over 30,000 installations across the world, we are being recognized as a company providing high quality as well as professional service. Right now, we are expanding our products all [...]

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Create custom front panels in only 3 steps! In just 3 steps to your favorite front panel... Draw your individual front panel quickly and easily. Directly and online, without CAD system and without download. You can select and edit both geometries of standard front panels, as well as your own front panel format. There is [...]

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Lithography Bench Training

« Back to Wet Benches Description¶ This is a training session on Cleanroom Lithography Benches, Base 63 and Mask 13. This is the second part of wet bench checkout and is bench/bench group specific. After you attend the training you will need to successfully complete the quiz. Signup¶ Please fill out the following form to [...]

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Mersen puts out a new range of HV UTE standard fuses with low power losses

Mersen is committed to proposing innovative solutions, with a special focus on finding ways to reduce footprints and optimize energy efficiency.As part of those efforts, Mersen is bringing out a complete range of HV fuses built to UTE standards with low power losses. These new Limitor® HV UTE 24kV fuses are designed to protect HV/LV [...]

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