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New design of Enclosure Pole Fixation delivers wide use options and enhanced flexibility

With its new design makeover, the Eldon Enclosure Fixation gives users the opportunity to attach enclosures to a wider variety of poles, providing greater flexibility and efficiency. Since pole-mounting installations don’t usually have a dedicated space for the enclosures, they need to be fixed to the pole, carrying the equipment. Pole-mounted enclosures are the perfect [...]

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LNF Alarm Sounds

« Back to Emergency Response Alarm sounds in the LNF and EECS¶ Emergency Alarms¶ Click play on one of the players below to hear an alarm sound. If you do not see the players, you may download the files from the links below. LNF Local Life Safety Alarm (Gas Detection or Lab Evacuation) EECS Gas [...]

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If the environment is “aggressive”: Compact stainless steel rotary encoder with Industrial Ethernet

CEV84 absolute rotary encoders with Industrial Ethernet from TR-Electronic also operate reliably in aggressive environments. In paper processing it is groundwood pulp, in process technology it is acids and lyes, in food processing technology it is hot cleaning solutions under high pressure. Rotary encoders constantly come into contact with aggressive media. Established applications were previously [...]

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Complacency significantly raises risk of damaging cyberattack worldwide!

Inadequate training and a culture of complacency among many owners and operators of critical infrastructure are significantly raising the risks of highly damaging cyberattack throughout the world. That’s the viewpoint expressed by Steve Mustard, an industrial cybersecurity subject-matter expert of the International Society of Automation (ISA),  an European registered Eur Ing and a British registered Chartered Engineer [...]

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PhD Defenses

« Back to LNF Table of Contents [Hide/Show] Description Description¶ This page displays upcoming LNF users Ph.D. defenses. LNF Wiki - Page Updates

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Successful trial for new remote Phosphate monitor!

Researchers at Britain’s Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH) have conducted trials on the river Thames to evaluate a new remote phosphate monitoring technology (Cycle-P) as part of a high-frequency (hourly resolution) monitoring programme that is studying river nutrient concentrations and how they are affected by algal abundance. The monitoring system ran continuously over the summer [...]

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Archived User Communication Meeting 2011-2012

This page displays slides from User Communication Meetings held in 2011-2012. November 28th, 2012 August 24th, 2012 May 23rd, 2012 March 1st, 2012 October 27th, 2011 LNF Wiki - Page Updates

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S2 T3 – Nitride/HTO/Oxynitride – up to 100mm

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Dreamliner soars with safety lifecycle management!

Integrating control and safety requires a holistic safety mindset built around Safety Lifecycle Management, as specified by major safety standards such as IEC 61508, IEC 62061and ISO 13849. This is a systematic, phased approach to safety with steps that are well documented and verified, from initial hazard and risk analysis to safety system implementation all [...]

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A fascinating story: Trash to gas project to help life on Mars!

If you are travelling to Mars on a journey that will last for several months, you need to maintain good breathing air quality and you need to manage your resources very carefully. This article describes research on the off-gases from astronaut waste; checking that they are not harmful and figuring out if they can be [...]

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