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Nebraska Transportation Center helps save energy, reduce diesel emissions

The Nebraska Transportation Center, led by UNL civil engineering professor Larry Rilett, has completed work under a $ 1 million grant to help retrofit commercial trucks with auxiliary power units, known as APUs, reducing emissions and saving thousands of gallons of diesel fuel per year. The project was part of the Environmental Protection Agency's National [...]

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S1 T4 – LTO 150mm only (No Metals)

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#HUG2014 Americas’ symposium adjudged success!

A record number of attendees were at the annual gathering of Honewell customers from across a wide range of industries throughout the Americas. Other stories from HUG 2015 In addition to the Americas conference, Honeywell will also hold HUG events in Queensland, Australia (Sept. 21-23) and The Hague in The Netherlands (Nov. 10-14). More than 1,300 customers, [...]

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Researchers Identify Unique ‘Fingerprints’ of microRNA Molecule That Acts on Serotonin-Producing Nerve Cells

According the World Health Organization, such mood disorders as depression affect some 10% of the world's population and are associated with a heavy burden of disease. That is why numerous... - Nanotechnology News Feed

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CAMSAFE 2 – With Unique Features

We would like to present 12 unique features demonstrating that our development in partnership with some intensive users, has been highly driven with SAFETY & USER FRIENDLINESS in focus 1. Tightness2. Gasket Frame3. Clamping Device4. Poka Yoke (Mistake Proofing)5. Din Gasket6. Corner Screws7. Light Weight Design8. Glass Window9. Door Fixation10. Large Groove11. Secure Bag12. Handling [...]

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PowerJET VISION || Our Waterjet Cutting Machine

PowerJET VISION is our waterjet cutting machine. It has a Vision System to avoid defects and holes. According to customers experience, Vision System, may reduce 60% of setup and increase in 20% the raw material yield. It’s used in natural stone, engineered stone, ceramic, stainless steel, aluminium, glass, acrylic and other materials. Come to meet [...]

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Inline monitoring of the cleaner concentration and bath contamination

Concentration fluctuations in cleaning and treatment baths affect the bath quality and resource efficiency if meeting desired nominal values is not monitored continuously or only imprecisely. Since the initial cleaner concentration decreases during the process, without proper bath monitoring the replenishment will be either too much or too little. Underdosing of the cleaner results in [...]

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Jones appointed associate dean, Undergraduate Programs – Lincoln

David Jones, professor of Biological Systems Engineering, was named the UNL College of Engineering's associate dean for Undergraduate Programs - Lincoln by Dean Tim Wei. Nebraska Engineering News

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Quieter, more efficient, and improved controllability!

Dr. Petr Osipov, Product Management Motors, Kollmorgen (D) tells how Multivac relies on Kollmorgen for pneumatic to electric transition An increasing number of companies in the packaging machine industry have chosen electrical servo technology – mainly to replace motion axes previously powered by pneumatic systems. “Servo technology increases controllability and reduces noise emission. These systems [...]

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Northrop Grumman Awarded Contract for DARPA Program to Integrate MEMS and Atomic Inertial Guidance Technologies

Northrop Grumman Corporation has been awarded a contract from the U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Research Development and Engineering Center to develop a miniaturized navigation grade inertial system... - Nanotechnology News Feed

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