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InTech steams into your iPad!

We don’t usually plug automation publications per sé although we have from time to time publicised articles which we feel might be of interest to our visitors. One of the most respected publications in the Automation world is InTech, the periodical of the International Society of Automation. They have just launched a tablet version of [...]

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Wastewater treatment plant monitors Greenhouse Gas emissions!

Globally, little attention is paid to gaseous emissions from wastewater treatment processes. This contrasts greatly with the regulatory monitoring that is applied to the quality of water emissions from such facilities. However, in Helsinki (FI), a large municipal wastewater treatment facility continuously monitors its emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs) to help in the city’s efforts to [...]

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SUSS SB-6E Bonder

&laquo Back to Equipment Table of Contents [Hide/Show] AnnouncementsSystem Overview   Tool Capabilities/Limitations   Substrate RequirementsSupported ProcessesOperation   Tool Checkout ProcedureTool Maintenance/QualificationTool Location Announcements¶ [Tool Image) System Overview¶ Describe what the tool does, make links to the materials it processes Tool Capabilities/Limitations¶ Materials Processed Material restrictions Harware Details Power specs Chemicals Gases Capabilities Resolution Aspect Ratio Thickness range Substrate Requirements¶ Sample [...]

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Monitoring nuclear waste legacy ponds!

Following a rigorous assessment period, EXO water quality monitoring sondes from Xylem Analytics are being deployed in what is arguably one of the most hostile environments imaginable – nuclear waste legacy storage ponds at the Sellafield nuclear reprocessing site in Cumbriain the North West of England. Background One of the major challenges facing Sellafield Ltd [...]

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Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD)

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Engineering couple’s $5M gift funds UNL nanoscience facility to be named for Voelte, Keegan

UNL civil engineering alumnus Don Voelte '75 and his wife, Nancy Keegan, gave a $ 5 million gift to fund a new nanoscience metrology facility adjacent to UNL's new Jorgensen Hall. Nebraska Engineering News

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Exploration Seismograph GEA 3

Gea3 is a 24-bit real data acquisition seismograph in a waterproof container.This small, extremely lightweight instrument is equipped with 3 channels+one displayable trigger channel and is the perfect solution for a variety of applications: - DOWN-HOLE seismic measurements with the use of a 3D well geophone (such as PASI Mod.GFA or Mod.DHTG) - CROSS-HOLE seismic [...]

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Trench Refill

« Back to Processes Table of Contents [Hide/Show] DescriptionTrench EtchOxide Refill   TEOS   HTO, High Temperature Oxide    LTO, Low Temperature Oxide   Thermal OxidationNotesReferences This page is under construction! 3-21-2014 Description¶ Trench refill is the coating of high aspect ration features, mainly deep trenches, in oxide. This can be used for high density electrically isolated capacitors, thick thermal isolation, and [...]

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Researchers Explain Behavior of Electrons at Tiny Step Edges on Titanium Oxide Surfaces

It can be found in toothpaste, solar cells, and it is useful for chemical catalysts: titanium dioxide (TiO2) is an extremely versatile material. Alhough it is used for so many different... - Nanotechnology News Feed

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#EMrex Revving up in Stuttgart!

The Emerson  Global Users Exchange in Europe was a three-day event for existing and potential users of Emerson Process Management products and services. The event was held from 1-3rd April 2014 in Stuttgart, the capital of the German Land (State) of Baden-Wurtemburg (D). Many memories sprang to mind as the Aer Lingus flight from Dublin touched down [...]

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