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The Best Products for Tough Jobs – You won’t be alone when you buy a Robbins TBM.

If you are planning to tunnel through rock, you want a TBM from a manufacturer who will support you as your partner throughout the project, anywhere in the world. A successful job comes from using a reliable, fast TBM. Robbins TBM designs have been proven on hundreds of projects for more than five decades. As [...]

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The world’s smallest precision boring head!

Demands from watch and micro manufacturing companies for higher accuracy and surface finish quality has lead to new task assignments for Machines and Machine Tool Manufacturers. KAISER Precision Tooling Ltd., the industry leader in manufacturing high precision boring tools for more than 60 years, is reacting to the demands of micro manufacturers with the world’s [...]

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Solvent Bench 94

&laquo Back to Equipment page &laquo Back to Chemical Benches page Table of Contents [Hide/Show] DescriptionProcedureApproved ProcessesAdditional InformationStorageDisposalTool Location Description¶ Procedure¶ For more detailed operating instructions, read the Tool SOP. Approved Processes¶ Please go here for the PDMS SOP. Additional Information¶ Storage¶ Disposal¶ Tool Location¶ LNF Wiki - Page Updates

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Cybersecurity cert programme launched!

Programme based on its ISA99/IEC 62443 series of industrial automation and control systems security standards Drawing on its internationally recognised leadership and expertise in industrial automation and control systems security, the International Society of Automation (ISA) has developed a knowledge-based industrial cybersecurity certificate program. Through the work of its Committee on Security for Industrial Automation & [...]

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Beneq Wins Tekes’ Commercialization Breakthrough Award

On Wednesday, December 11, Beneq received a special commercialization breakthrough award from Tekes, the Finnish funding agency for technology and innovation, as part of its six-year-long Functional... - Nanotechnology News Feed

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« Back to LNF « Back to Capabilities Page Table of Contents [Hide/Show] Description Substrates     Semiconductors    Glass    Other/Ceramic Deposited Materials     Conductors       Metals        Doped Si       Dopants       Other    Insulators       Oxides       Other        Non Metal/Covalent       Other       Polymers        Mounting Wax    Semiconductors This page needs to be reorganized Description¶ Substrates¶ Semiconductors¶ Silicon GaAs InP LiNbO3 Glass¶ [...]

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Phones, tablets and sensors!

Product innovation and competitive pricing are key factors for success The rapid proliferation of smart phones and tablets has caused the global magnetic sensors market to boom. This growth curve will continue as declining price points make magnetic sensors affordable for mass-market penetration. New analysis from Frost & Sullivan, Analysis of the Global Magnetic Sensors [...]

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High Performance Submerged Slurry Pump

1. Compared to traditional sump pumps, EV series sump pumps have superb performance in capacity, head and efficiency.2. Unique cantilevered design makes EV series work normally even if the suction volume is not enough.3. Various pump models are available including traditional single-casing pumps as well as pioneering double-casing ones.4. Don’t need any seal and seal [...]

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Nanomechanics Announce Indian Distribution Agreement with Labindia

Nanomechanics Inc. of Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA, developers of the InSEM line of Nanoindenters for the characterization of material properties, has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with... - Nanotechnology News Feed

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NSBE hosts Community Leadership Banquet, Oct. 21; speaker Abdullah focuses on academic excellence, positive roles models

The UNL-UNO chapter of NSBE chapter hosts a Community Leadership Banquet: Oct. 21, in the Regency Room at UNL' s City Campus Union. Makola M. Abdullah, provost and vice president of academic affairs at Florida Memorial University, will speak on "Striving for Academic Excellence and Being a Positive Role Model." NSBE is also conducting a [...]

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