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The automation world was a bit stunned to read the following tweet from major automation pundit and personality Walt Boyes: “I will be leaving Putman and Control magazine to return to Spitzers & Boyes. My last day will be December 13.”  He made the same announcement on his face book page! Later he amended it “Oops, [...]

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Gold Etch

« Back to Processes Table of Contents [Hide/Show] DescriptionMaterial Requirements   Equipment needed for process   Chemicals needed for processProtective equipment neededProcedureHazards of AU EtchStorageDisposal Date Created: 9/2011 Date Modified: 12/2012 Authored by: Rob Hower and Nadine Wang Description¶ Gold etch transene is used for etching thin films of Au sputtered or evaporated onto the substrate. Transene gold etch [...]

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XEI Scientific Receive Patent for their Oxidative Cleaning Method for SEM and High-Vacuum Equipment

XEI Scientific is pleased to announce that the company has been granted a new US patent # US8507879B2 which describes a new oxidative cleaning method and system for electron microscopes and other... - Nanotechnology News Feed

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Smart solution with frequency sweep technology – A level switch for all media!

Fill levels must be recognized in countless storage, buffer and holding tanks in the process industry, food industry, and even in wind power plants or other fields. The level switches used are normally as different as the various media being monitored. With the CleverLevel LBFS/LFFS switch, Baumer has developed a true all-rounder that uses frequency [...]

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Instruments down the drain!

CCTV hire supports excellence in drain services With more than 40 regional drain cleaning service centres across Britain, Metro Rod provides a 24 hour service to anyone with blocked or damaged drains, pipes, toilets, sinks etc. To support this capability, the company and its franchisees maintain a fleet of the latest equipment such as tankers, [...]

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S3 T1 – Dry Oxidation 100mm and 150mm

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Plasmatherm 790

« Back to Equipment Table of Contents [Hide/Show] Description   Tool Capabilities/Limitations   Wafer RequirementsSupported Recipes/ProcessesOperationTool Maintenance/QualificationTool Location Plasmatherm 790 Description¶ The PlasmaTherm 790 is a dual chamber tool. The left chamber is dedicated to RIE functions. The right chamber is set up for PECVD. This tool is a parallel plate configuration. Plasma is generated by a single power [...]

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Marble footstool produced by the Breton 5-axes CNC machining centre “Shapemill”

Hello everybody, If you visited Breton stand during the 48th MARMOMACC fair in Verona, you have certainly seen the different workpieces exhibited on the bench of the “Shapemill”, among which stood out a beautiful footstool made of Red Verona marble, obviously machined by the Shapemill owned by Messrs. ODONE MARMI. DirectIndustry ---- The Virtual Industrial [...]

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Partnership celebrates ribbon-cutting for ZNETH II

UNL architecture and engineering faculty were among partners with the City of Omaha at an Oct. 24 ribbon-cutting. The completed ZNETH II (Zero Net Energy Test House) will serve as the Hummel Park Nature Center caretaker's residence. Nebraska Engineering News

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End-user expectations and requirements of services across various product markets

Industrial services – a new frontier for business model innovation and profitability The poor scope for technological innovation coupled with growing market maturity, has motivated major industrial product suppliers to concentrate efforts on achieving growth through alternative channels. In this context, the potential for industrial services attains center stage, both from the standpoint of industrial [...]

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