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Vroom, vroom then nom-nom-nom

Talk about playing with your food. Students in Dennis Schulte's introductory bio-engineering courses compete Dec. 6 in a car competition, with a catch: the vehicles must be made entirely from food and the students must eat their creations after the event. Twenty teams of four students per team are entered, with materials including raw spaghetti, [...]

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Emerson raises the bar in Baar!

Services are at the core! Among the highlights of the automation journalist’s year are User Group Meetings and press events organised by the leading vendors in the sector. Read-out has covered many of these and the leading and longest “on-the-go” are those organised by Emerson Process Management in Europe. The incomparable beauty of Switzerland – [...]

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Sugar Solution Combined With Fluorescence Microscopy Delivers Detailed Mouse Brain Images

The team from the RIKEN Center for Developmental biology reports their finding today in Nature Neuroscience. Over the past few years, teams in the USA and Japan have reported a number of... - Nanotechnology News Feed

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Mezzacorona, a wine of excellence

The Mezzacorona winery (Trento, Italy) awarded ACMI with the role of main contractor for the projection, installation, and commissioning of a new bottling line with a production capacity of 18.000 bottles/hr capable of handling twelve different formats ranging from 0.75 to 1.5 Lt even with reverse tapered bottles. The new line was installed in a [...]

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Alstom Grid to launch its P60 Agile ‘one-box-solutions’

05/04/2013 During GridTech 2013, the 4th international exhibition in India, Alstom Grid presents P60 Agile, its new range of intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) providing a comprehensive one-box solution for the complete protection, control, recording and measurement of electrical power systems. This latest novelty to come out of Alstom Grid is especially well suited to smart [...]

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New Nilfisk sweeper is tuff on debris, gentle on the environment

The new SW4000 sweeper is designed particularly for maximum performance, reliability, improved ergonomics, minimum environmental impact and low total costs of ownership. SW4000 is a new ride-on sweeper developed by Nilfisk-Advance - the world leading producer of professional cleaning equipment. It is particularly suited for indoor and outdoor use in industry and manufacturing, warehouses, distribution [...]

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S6 T4 – LTO (some metals allowed)

« Back to Equipment Page S6/T2 - Nitride/HTO/OxyNitride Description¶ An LPCVD tube used to deposit low temperature oxide. All tubes are CMOS compatible No metals, glass substrates, III-V material, and no wafers that have previously been in SG RIE/right chamber Plasma Therm/”Dirty” oven Tool. Located in 1440B. To get access to this tool, log in [...]

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New Design for Solar Panels that Can Simultaneously Generate and Store Energy

The potential energy available via solar power might seem limitless on a sunny summer day, but all that energy has to be stored for it to be truly useful. If you see a solar panel on a rooftop, in a... - Nanotechnology News Feed

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Tempress Furnaces

&laquo Back to Equipment Description¶ The LNF has six Tempress furnace stacks, with tubes for Low Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition (LPCVD), Annealing, Doping/Diffusion, and Oxidation. View the pages for each furnace and their respective tubes for more information. Sx Ty refers to tube y in furnace stack x. Stack 1 (Room 1480C)¶ S1 T1 - [...]

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RKB at Tabriz International Exhibition

Together with its local partner, the RKB Group attended the 18th International Building Materials and Construction Machinery and Equipment Trade Fair of Iran, which was held in Tabriz from May 8 to 11. The fair represents one of the most important events for the construction industry, where the operating conditions can be extremely severe. Reliability, [...]

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