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« Back to LNF Table of Contents [Hide/Show] DescriptionAnnouncements for March 2013Announcements for February 2013Announcements for January 2013 Description¶ This page displays announcements and updates for the Lurie Nanofabrication Facility Announcements for March 2013¶ Interserve Mask Maker (old) will be removed from clean room fall 2013 Headway spinners have been removed CEE 100CB will be [...]

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Tiny Ionic Currents of Charged Atoms Pave the Way for New Non-Volatile Memory Chips

IBM today announced a materials science breakthrough at the atomic level that could pave the way for a new class of non-volatile memory and logic chips that would use less power than today's... - Nanotechnology News Feed

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« Back to Equipment Page GSI PECVD Description¶ This tool is used to coat wafers with a film of SiO2 or SiNx by Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD). Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition is performed in a vacuum chamber at temperatures ranging from 200C to 380C. The film that results is a reaction between [...]

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New X65 conveyor platform triples user value

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), sustainability and innovation have been the focus in the development of FlexLink’s new generation X65 conveyor. The result is significantly higher value to users compared to present solutions in production and packaging lines. Sophisticated conveyor systems are major elements in production logistics solutions, enhancing the total efficiency in production, [...]

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Pressure Tx demand boosted in Asia says ARC #PAuto #Energy

Escalating energy demand  to  boost Asia’s pressure transmitter market Pressure transmitter shipments, after returning to pre-recession levels in 2010, saw strong growth in 2011, even surpassing 2010’s growth by several percentage points. Despite the return to positive growth, risks remain. In a connected world, market volatility and political instability impact industrial growth, which in turn [...]

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On the IFAT 2012 international show (Munich, May 7 through 11), the Pieralisi Group – a world leader in centrifugation – introduced its new High Speed (HS) decanter series featuring innovative technology and design.The new-generation decanters that are going to enrich Pieralisi’s wide range of centrifugal extractors and vertical centrifuges, stem from the Group’s constant [...]

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Modular Slip Ring – Most usual application packaging machinery

MODULAR SLIP RING Modular slip ring is made of fiberglass reinforced nylon sectors combined with finite number of rings on request. Thanks to this composition its main characteristic is the modularity that guarantees in supplying case a more flexible warehouse management, arranging how much stocked on the basis of the own real necessities. Being an [...]

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CIVE’s Bartelt-Hunt wins NSF CAREER Award to study prions’ environmental impact

Shannon Bartelt-Hunt, UNL assistant professor of Civil Engineering, won a five-year, $ 413,883 Faculty Early Career Development Program award from the National Science Foundation to study the complex interaction between prions and soil. Prions are misshapen, infectious proteins that cause livestock or wildlife to lose body mass and develop neurological problems. Nebraska Engineering News

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« Equipment Table of Contents [Hide/Show] OverviewMaterialsWafer RequirementsCharacterizationTool Documents Lab18_02 Overview¶ Sputtering is achieved by bombarding a target with energetic ions, typically Ar+. Atoms at the surface of the target are knocked loose, and transported to the surface of the substrate, where deposition occurs. Electrically conductive material such as Al, W, and Ti can use [...]

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Open House opens doors to engineering

Friday the 13th was a lucky day for future engineers and other friends visiting the UNL College of Engineering during its 99th annual Open House. Nebraska Engineering News

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