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Special Method to Measure Electrical Charge of Nano Particles

By Will Soutter Researchers at the University of Zurich have succeeded in measuring the size and the electrical charge of nano particles by employing a distinctive method. Electrical charge of nano... - Nanotechnology News Feed

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New Transistor Permits Electrical Switching of State of Matter

By Will Soutter A study crew at the RIKEN Advanced Science Institute has produced a initial-of-its-sort transistor that utilizes the electrostatic develop-up of electrical charge on a... - Nanotechnology News Feed

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Photoelectric sensors collapse and rebound!

Marketplace for photoelectric sensors faces escalating need for sensible sensors and cost pressure The marketplace for photoelectric sensors knowledgeable a collapse and a remarkable rebound in the last three many years.  The market place is now back to the improvement conduct that we have witnessed in the previous.  As the marketplace is strongly dependent on [...]

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Silver Nanowire Composite Films Utilized In Transparent Polymer Solar Cells

By Gary Thomas Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) have created a new type of transparent polymer solar cells (PSC) that are capable of generating electricity. These cells... - Nanotechnology News Feed

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Cyclotene Procedure

modified August 18, 2006 Cyclotene deposition Chemical Regular Operating Method¶ authored Alexander Levin, modified B. Xiao six/2012 Description¶ Processing Procedures for CYCLOTENE 3000 Series Dry Etch Resins (BCB). Materials Needs¶ Equipment necessary need to have for method¶ Solitec spinner in 1440A and bowl lined with aluminum foil Hot plate Oven (250 C)- YES oven in [...]

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Hendrix serves as interim chair of CHME

Efficient July one, Professor Jim Hendrix is interim chair of UNL's Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. Hendrix assumes CHME division chair duties from Prof. William Velander. Nebraska Engineering News

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NASH 2BM1: New model variety of magnetic drive liquid ring pumps

Introducing a new model assortment, the NASH 2BM1, Gardner Denver Nash has extended its offerings in the marketplace for liquid ring pumps: this pump series characteristics magnetic drives and was created to deal with the broad-ranging demands of the process market. The NASH 2BM1 series with magnetic drives was unveiled for the first time at [...]

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Resistance to industrial networking.comms gadgets

Industrial Networking/Communication Gadgets: Promise of improved efficiency and productivity to fuel uptake, yet, regardless of numerous positive aspects, lingering end-user conservatism about new technologies is hampering penetration charges Improved efficiency, enhanced productivity and price reductions are the principal aspects that will drive the European industrial networking/communication industry. There is a trend in industrial operations to interconnect [...]

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IMPT Will Take Portion in €10 Million Project to Build Reduced Expense and Efficient Photovoltaics

Progressive Supplies Processing Technologies (IMPT) has secured a major European research venture in photovoltaic nanotechnology worth &euro10 million. IMPT will function with 13 partners on the... - Nanotechnology News Feed

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&laquo Back to LNF &laquo Back to Capabilities Table of Contents [Hide/Display] DescriptionChemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)&nbsp&nbsp&nbspLPCVD&nbsp&nbsp&nbspPECVD&nbsp&nbsp&nbspALD&nbsp&nbsp&nbspParyleneDry Etching&nbsp&nbsp&nbspPlasma Ashing&nbsp&nbsp&nbspRIE&nbsp&nbsp&nbspDRIE&nbsp&nbsp&nbspOtherMetrology&nbsp&nbsp&nbspTestingPackagingPatterning&nbsp&nbsp&nbspLithography&nbsp&nbsp&nbspWet ChemistryPhysical Vapor Deposition (PVD)&nbsp&nbsp&nbspEvaporation&nbsp&nbsp&nbspSputteringPlatingPolishingThermal Processing&nbsp&nbsp&nbspAnnealing&nbsp&nbsp&nbspDiffusion/Doping&nbsp&nbsp&nbspOxidationWafer BondingWet Processing&nbsp&nbsp&nbspWet Benches/Fume hoods&nbsp&nbsp&nbspDrying&nbsp&nbsp&nbspSonication&nbsp&nbsp&nbspWet Clean Description¶ The following is a list of equipment offered in the Clean Room and Wet Chemistry Space of the Lurie Nanofabrication Facility (LNF). Equipment is normally reserved [...]

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